Curly was born around 1895, somewhere in the Rawdon Hills of Nova Scotia. At the early age of 5 (He was a big boy) He began working in the woods cutting fire wood for his mother. She sold it to the nearby villages and their trained moose "Chocolate" and "Mickey" hauled it in. (They couldnt afford horses). Curly had accidentally killed his father "Perfect Peter" a couple of years earlier when he 'felled' a large Hemlock which landed on him. It was during this time that curly was developing his idea for his 'Triple Bitted Axe' (one third more cutting area, one third the sharpening time and always two free cutting edges!) To prove his theory, Curly knew he had to go to the land of the 'tall timber', so after packing up Mickey and Chocolate, Curly bid a tearful goodbye to his mother and headed to New Brunswick .... and B.C

Out West the news spread like wild fire. A big 'Bluenoser' with matched pair of logging moose had perfected the 'Triple Bitted Axe' and was clear cutting his way up to Prince George (this trail was later to become the Alaska Highway). Curly was a success!! He patented his axe (axe#300021P65) and after going to China to collect seedlings for B.C.'s renowned plywood forests, he returned to Nova Scotia and the Rawdon Hills where he found his mother sitting by the beautiful stand of Cat Spruce on the edge of the Macdonald bog where he had left her. They moved to Halifax and opened a shop producing the famous 'Triple Bitted Axe' (Autographed) and later his 'Four handled Buck Saw' and 'Double Headed Hammer' (Two heads are better than one!)

After his mother 'Pretty Peggy' was killed in the Halifax explosion by a flying anchor, Curly had some local success for a few years with his 'Cast Iron Umbrella'. He was elected to government ("The Perfect Portable People's Party") and setup the "Ministry of Development" which financed other businesses like his; such as: The Waterproof Fishnet Co. (for fishing in the rain), and the Blubber Boot Co. (worn by whale fisherman).

While waiting for the success of these companies, Curly was informed of the death of his moose, Chocolate and Mickey, in a traffic accident (their horns failed). Aged, frail and shattered by the news, Curly passed on. 

He was buried beside Pretty Peggy, Perfect Peter, Chocolate and Mickey at Moosehaven, Hants County, Nova Scotia. The site is marked by two crossed Triple Bitted by Axes and is open to the public Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm. Admission is $1.50